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product name: Hydraulic bucking unit
Hydraulic bucking unit is an important equipment to make up, break out and maintain drilling tool, pipe string or the thread connection of downhole tool in petroleum exploration. Considering the current state of petroleum industry, our YCJ—25 hydraulic bucking unit absorbed the advanced technology of foreign product and  priored to other same product at home. The platform had compact design. Surface of the platform is made of operating handle, torque metre and hydraulic pressure gauge. The bottom of surface is hydraulic pipeline, the end is electric hydraulic pump.
The product possessed some advantages.
                         i.            High level automation and easy operation.
                       ii.            Two persons can accomplish the make-up/break-out of tools.
                      iii.            High pulling torque when making up.
                     iv.            Adapted to wide range diameter
                       v.            Quick spinning and axial thrust
                     vi.            Do not need to change tong head while using.
1、Dynamo:Power 15KW   RPM  1460r/min
2、Hydraulic System:
Fuel tank capacity:630L
 System Pressure:Max.Working Pressure 20Mpa
Hydraulic Operational Control Console:
Length×Width×Height: 1500×750×800㎜
3、Break-out diameter Range:φ63~φ350㎜
4、Spinning Mainframe:
Nominal break-out torque:5KN·m~250KN·m
Nominal make-up torque:5KN·m~200KN·m
Six Cylinder Clamp speed:0.6m/min
Torque Resolution:0.2 KN·m
5、Break-out Mechanism:Max.Single Clamp Force:200KN  
6、Tailstock Pull and Push System(Resolution:0.2 KN·m):
Max.Thrust of Tailstock:180KN
Max.Pull of Tailstock:143KN
Oil Cylinder Stroke:0~1.5m
Speed of Oil Cylinder:0~6m/min
Pull and Push Track:Tailstock Track 7.4m
Support Unit:
Moveable Support Unit: two sets
Stock Support Unit: two sets
Spinning Bracket:one set
7、Spinning System:
Spinning Torque:2 KN·m~4 KN·m
Suitable Diameter:63~350㎜
All brackets take hydraulic bracket, we can control the rise and fall of bracket through the platform.
Service Tool:1 set
Sealing Bonded Washer:12 sets
If you have different requirement, we will try our best make you content through mutual negotiation.
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