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product name: Bop flip system
Bop flip system consists of BOP fixed support structure, hydraulic rotating push-pull mechanism, hydraulic station assembly, limit-place device and relevant hydraulic control system, and eletronical control system, etc. It is a high and new technology product which gathers mechanism , hydraumatic and electron
1.Bop flip system carries the BOP of 0~20000kg, Applies to turning over Bop flip system of all size
2. Bop flip system can save floor space, Design structure is reasonable, Strong and durable, service life of wearing parts is over two years, and try best to use conventional parts to be easy to maintenance
3. Flip speed 1r/min, that's mean it can be reversed about for half minutes, in order to improve the efficiency, convenient to check and maintenance.
4. Push-pull hydraulic cylinder quantity: 2 pcs.
5.Push-pull hydraulic cylinder itinerary and push-pull effort: 2600mm  push-pull effort ≥15000㎏.
6.Push-pull hydraulic cylinder can ensure walking is synchronous, speed is adjustable.
7. Oil pressure sensor of oilway should monitor system oilway pressure, once out-of-order, alert always and protect
8.Rotating driving mechanism adopts double-way hydraulic lock to achieve safety protection, once black out during flip course, it can ensure automatic braking power and safety
9.Hydraulic station size(Length*Width*Height): 1200mm*800mm*1200mm.
10. Hydraulic station control pressure: 10.5 M Pa
11.Flip system size(Length× Width× Height):5900㎜×3500㎜×2800㎜.
12. System has overload, broken phase automatic protection function and fault self-diagnosis function
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